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Me, forever

Been a while!

J-one  - Yours

Such a safe track from one of the safest lads I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. 

Such delicately haunting vocals entwined with feel good vibes.



Antonio - Hyerfunk (Steve Gurley Remix)

Want that vinyl. 

Wait for the drop, dark

C.R.S.T - Special

Set to be the hottest day of the year tomorrow. This can be your soundtrack. 

Jacques Greene - Prism

Such an aggressive bassline from the off

Shows the talent, to go from a Radiohead remix to this, class.

Lotus Flower - Radiohead (Jacques Greene Remix)

Simply stunning.

Introduced to claude Von Stroke last night after far too many glasses of wine, and vodka and cokes, and cider…. you get the idea. 

The people I ended up with at the end of the night were just so fucking safe, laid back out for a good time people. No pretense, no screw face. No “who is she”.

I think sometimes this genre and this scene can have such a bad reputation from outsiders. Such a closed minded and misunderstood view. I ended up talking to who I consider to be two of the best producers from our local scene, one is playing on Rinse in the not too distant future. To say they were safe is an understatement.  That’s what Claude is all about so I thought it seemed apt to share. :) 

If you like this, check out his remix of Wut by Girl Unit.